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Feel at home abroad helps you find your identity in a new context. What makes you the person you are? What do you take with you, what do you leave behind?
Feel at home abroad is a collaboration between Floor Franck and Martine Hulsman. Both of them are trained at the University for Humanistics in Utrecht (Netherlands) as coaches to guidance with a wide, open and tolerant world view.

Floor and Martine have developed a sensibility of reading between the lines and also hearing what is not said. With respect, devotion and attention they listen to your life story. They inspire you to new insights and connections within different areas of your life.

We guide you to discovering your own strength and researching thoughts, feelings and behavior. With a non-judgmental attitude we will incite you to consciously learn to look at life questions, wishes and needs that lie beneath the surface.

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Floor Franck
Floor is a graduate of the University for Humanistics in Utrecht and works as a coach and counselor in the Netherlands and South Africa. In her coaching practice and through organizations she offers individual coaching, relationship coaching, identity-and talent development, retreats and team trainings.

In addition, Floor is trained as a stress counselor and Pilates instructor. She lives part-time in The Netherlands and part-time in South Africa with her husband and daughter.

She is caring, open minded and non judgemental.

Martine Hulsman

Martine has a diverse professional background: first a diplomat, then coach and councellor in a hospice, the Dutch army, and for expats. She knows how it is to move around, as a student (Russia), working single (Bosnia and Serbia), love pat (Spain), trailing partner (UK and Brazil) and is now living in The Netherlands again.

Combining the diverse working experience, master degree in Humanistics and several career and life coaching courses, she found her passion in life, career and expat coaching. She also works in a hospital, and owns www.ucu-coaching.nl.

She is energetic, challenging and compassionate.

What do others say about us?


Others about Floor
“Floor is a very pleasant conversationalist. During the conversations I gained more insight and more certainty in what I want. Insight with regard to the consequences of what a particular decision would bring. Assurance by regarding all the possibilities, one by one, encouraged to opt for what I really want, having evaluated the possible consequences. I now have much more confidence in the choice I’m going to make and am optimistic. That is a very good outcome.”
“I have experienced the coaching sessions with Floor as very helpful. They were fun and relaxed conversations that touched on vulnerability, deeper life questions, brainstorming and sharing experiences. I appreciated her approach in which she carefully asked the vulnerable questions, put the finger in the right spot and inspired me to take personal leadership (what I wanted to get out of it). I can certainly recommend her.”
“I would definitely recommend Floor. She brings calmness and openness into the conversation. Floor has a good feeling to untangle the sensitive and difficult topics in a playfull way.”


“Coaching from Feel at home abroad has pushed a ‘start button’ for me. I was stuck and had become quite passive. With Floor coaching me I have converted this into becoming active about who I want to be abroad; I have developed a more positive attitude and gained valuable insights. The assignments that I have received have been very useful for me and I will definitely keep using them in the future.”
Others about Martine
“I’m an expat wife living in Brazil, our third destination. During the moves, having two kids, making the transition and integration times as smooth as possible for everybody else I got somehow stuck. I had the fear that coaching would be one more influence of what I had plenty of already – one more person telling me what I should do. However it is not like this at all. Coaching helped me find my way, gave me the time to think of what I wanted, what I needed and what is important to me, visualizing it and incorporating it in my life. So it was me telling myself what to do! We found solutions with Martine asking me the right questions at the right time. She is a passionate, positive, motivating and challenging coach! I can truly say that the coaching changed my life positively.”
Marian Schreppers- Head of International School Haarlem
The workshop delivered by Martine Hulsman was received very positively. As a school, we feel it’s important to help not only the students but also the parents to settle into the new country, city and school community. We could see that the tips and information shared during this hands-on-workshop will help our parents. We’ll certainly organize a workshop again next year with Feel at Home Abroad.
‘These ‘Power of change’ workshops made me realize that I can be comfortable and happy where-ever I am, it solved my wanting to go away all the time. It gave me ground and help me explore areas of my life that I didn’t want to see. It gave new order in my priorities. Change can be powerful!’