Bereavement coaching package: far away yet so close

Expat bereavement coaching: we are here to support you when you are confronted with terminal illness, loss or death while being abroad. We support you to say good-bye with dignity and to be close to the bereft, even at distance.

Living abroad means you miss out on life events of friends and family: the nice ones, -weddings and birth- and the sad ones as serious illness and death. Apart from that, death of a dear one makes us relive prior losses and reconsider our own (expat) life.


In your home country you often can be more involved to support the (terminally) ill person and family, say goodbye, share grief and good memories. For expats this is more complicated because of the distance. We support you to find dignity in your goodbye from a distance and to cope with your loss.

Expat bereavement support


  • Cope with feelings of loss, mourning, solitude, guild and impotence;
  • Create ways to connect to the people in your homeland to share memories and grief;
  • Develop a alternative goodbye ritual if you can’t fly back for the funeral.

Why professional bereavement support?

You might feel lonely, misunderstood or having difficulties in picking up life again. People around you might try to help you by suggesting you should move on, not feel guilty etc. Coping with illness or death at distance is a unique and individual process. All feelings deserve the space to be understood and lived through. Our bereavement support is here to offer you that space!

One of the difficulties of coping with illness and death is that you don’t really know what you need, surely at distance. We’re specialised in dealing with existential questions, loss and identity. Martine worked as a bereavement councilor in a hospice. Floor has experience in online bereavement support. You can read more about her personal reflections on loss in her blog ‘Letter to my sister’ and ‘Farewell from a distance’.


How does it work?

Write or phone us (by e-mail, facebook, WhatsApp, Skype), we’ll then plan a free first session. To hear your question, introduce ourselves and explain what you can expect from our coaching. You’ll decide if we are a good match for you. All our coaching takes place online. You can choose what time and frequency is best for you.

  • Life coaching S: 4 sessions and 2 reflection exercises
  • Life coaching L: 8 sessions and 5 reflection exercises

Contact us freely for more information or if you have further questions. Allow yourself a professional and dedicated coach that is there for you. Read here more about Floor and Martine from Feel at home abroad.