Life coaching package: live life consciously

Expat life coaching makes you reflect on challenges you are facing, create solutions, find opportunities, and develop yourself in your new country. Or explore general life problems not related to moving such as self-confidence, career, stress, family issues.

Expat life coaching is for those who want to actively give direction to their own life and future. It is focused on new insights and self-knowledge: what are your qualities, values and mission? What are the obstacles that prevent you from being fulfilled? What gives you strength and what do you want to develop?

What does expat life coaching bring you?

  • Increased self-knowledge and self-esteem;
  • Coping with change, stress and effect on identity;
  • Personal growth and resilience;
  • Better relationships with yourself and others;
  • More balance, energy, focus and fulfilment;
  • Settling and finding purpose in your new country.

Life coaching vs therapie

Coaching is based in the present, learning from the present, focused on the future. Coaching is about change, personal growth, doing things differently. Contrary to therapy, it is a short-term tool, only 4 – 12 sessions. We use tools for reflection, challenge, inspiration, motivation, structure and goal setting to get out of you what is already in you.


“Life coaching helped me identify a mission and solving the challenges of my new country. And the obstacles I create and why. Now I can make the conscious choice between being comfortable but unhappy or being brave, proactive and more fulfilled!”


Life coaching for expats means research, analyse, plan, focus and action! Together we work on your goals, your mission, your future. The package contains alternate coachings sessions and reflection exercises. You will be personal coached by Floor or Martine on the life topics that are most important for you. No standard program but one carefully composed with attention for your personal situation.


How does it work?

Write or phone us (by e-mail, facebook, WhatsApp, Skype), we’ll then plan a free first session to hear your question, introduce ourselves and explain what you can expect from our coaching and to see if we are a good match for you. All our coaching takes place online. You can choose what time and frequency is best for you.

  • Life coaching S: 4 sessions and 2 reflection exercises
  • Life coaching L: 8 sessions and 5 reflection exercises

Contact us freely for more information or if you have further questions. Allow yourself to have a professional and dedicated coach that is there for you. Read here more about Floor and Martine from Feel at home abroad.