Pre-departure coaching package: I leave and take with... ME!

Pre-departure coaching helps expats to leave with realistic expectations, self-knowlegde, a good plan and an open mind.

Moving overseas: organising, planning, excitement and fear. What do you leave behind and what to bring along? The main asset you move is yourself; yet you won’t be 100% the same abroad. You’ll feel energy of the changes and growth but also moments where you’re confronted with yourself, your partner and your kids too!

Now is the moment!

STOP! Invest now, whilst you’re still in your own safe and familiar environment. Create peace and perspective. We support you starting the conversation with yourself and your partner / family. You’ll receive useful tips and tools, inspiring TED-talks, video’s and reflection exercises.

The coaching package

What is the content of a coaching package?

  • 3 sessions prior to departure (1,5 hours)
  • 1 session after 1 month in your new country
  • 2 reflection exercises and feedback
  • Inspiring films, articles, websites, TED talks

What does it bring you?

  • self-knowledge: strong points, uncertainties, needs, lessons learned;
  • overview: what are your expectations, challenges, opportunities and priorities abroad;
  • better relationships; in a foreign country you’re more dependent on yourself and each other. Share your fears, needs, expectations and agreements;
  • action plan: a coping strategy abroad.

We know, also from our own experiences, that organizing and planning of the practical issues comes first. First the house, insurance, car, school or nursery, etc. However, the transition of leaving your home country also gives a lot of emotional stress. Expat pre-departure coaching makes space for that mental proces: we help you to focus and reduce stress so you will arrive in your new home with more energy.


How does it work?

Write or phone us (by e-mail, facebook, WhatsApp, Skype), we’ll then plan a free first session. To hear your question, introduce ourselves and explain what you can expect from our coaching. You’ll decide if we are a good match for you. All our coaching takes place online. You can choose what time and frequency is best for you.

  • Life coaching S: 4 sessions and 2 reflection exercises
  • Life coaching L: 8 sessions and 5 reflection exercises

Contact us freely for more information or if you have further questions. Allow yourself a professional and dedicated coach that is there for you. Read here more about Floor and Martine from Feel at home abroad.