Relationship coaching package: Away together, home together?

If your relationship is not going well and you live abroad, it is nice to have someone to help you to work out the kinks. Relationship coaching for expats is focused on solutions and creates clarity about where you stand, and where you want to go: alone or together.

Moving puts pressure on your relationship. And even more so if you leave everything behind to build a new life abroad. Whether you move with your love (expat) or to your love (love-pat), more than ever you depend on each other. Divorce rates are high because of loneliness, work pressure and difficulties to adapt. Fortunately, we also see relationships getting closer.

Why relationship coaching?

  • You get stuck: blaming, repetition, deadlocks;
  • You want to do everything to save your marriage;
  • You want to have tried everything before giving up, also to prevent blaming or feelings of guilt;
  • You want to create understanding and clarity and work from there towards a common goal.

When is relationship coaching useful?


  • To prepare to move abroad: talk about hope, fears, expectations and draw a plan;
  • Relationship problems: use the love, energy and understanding you still have to unpick the knots and work on your relationship;
  • You feel misunderstood or growing apart and you want to improve the communication within your relationship;
  • Help! We’re splitting up! We offer support to stay afloat, to keep communicating and to find balance and solutions.

Results of relationship coaching

  • Breaking the patterns: bring new energy;
  • Minimizing deadlocks, vicious circles, blame and reproach;
  • Insight in what is, what isn’t and what could be in your relationship;
  • Better communication;
  • More understanding and space for you and your partner.



Working on your relationship means working on yourself. Learn to feel, define the problem, search and work on a solution.”

We are experienced in expat relationship coaching and have moved abroad with and for love ourselves. Floor has offered partners weekend retreats for years, to go away from the daily issues and work on their relationship. Martine has coached military personnel and their partners. As neutrals, we offer professional support to really talk openly to each other.


How does it work?

Write or phone us (by e-mail, facebook, WhatsApp, Skype), we’ll then plan a free first session. To hear your question, introduce ourselves and explain what you can expect from our coaching. You’ll decide if we are a good match for you. All our coaching takes place online. You can choose what time and frequency is best for you.

  • Life coaching S: 4 sessions and 2 reflection exercises
  • Life coaching L: 8 sessions and 5 reflection exercises

Contact us freely for more information or if you have further questions. Allow yourself a professional and dedicated coach that is there for you. Read here more about Floor and Martine from Feel at home abroad.