Expat Coaching - Feel at home abroad

We will help you to stand still by all those changes and chose your own direction. Expat coaching gives you peace of mind and reflection to take (back) control of who you are and what you want to be in your new country.

Do I need a coach?

People who know themselves, are resilient and robust in life. It gives a lot of power and energy to be aware and active in life. Knowing yourself means challenging yourself.

Why expat coaching?

Major changes in life can mean that you have questions that may not have arisen before or were not apt. Moving abroad as an expat has impact on your well-being and happiness. Do you know what you need?

When do I need expat coaching?

Sometimes things are not going so good or just going along in the usual, same old way, and you are not completely satisfied with it. It makes you wonder what’s important to you and which way you want your life to go. Life questions may present themselves.

Coaching packages

Feel at home abroad offers coaching packages tailored to your specific situation and need. Together we draw up a plan of what you want to achieve and in the process getting started with the issues that you encounter.