When do I need expat coaching?

It's always a good time for coaching, even though it often doesn't seem so.

Time flies for expats. Preparing, moving, settling down, thinking about the next step, preparation and leaving again. Your life may feel “lived”. Sometimes people say afterwards that the years flew by: ‘now that I look back I could have made more of it; developed more , lived with more awareness, been happier ‘.

There is always a reason not to listen to that nagging little voice ‘ what do I want todo  with my life, what is my ultimate goal? ‘ It is up to you to make time so you can look back later on a period in which you have extracted the maximum out of it that you possibly could.

Expat coaching helps you:


  • Before you move: to make the transition as well as possible. You’ll get more overview and understanding on how you can handle the upcoming changes and become aware of your strengths and resource;
  • When you’ve moved: to find a new connection with yourself,others and your environment. You set out a new course and get to know yourself better in the new situation;
  • On leaving:  to leave and saygoodbye in a satisfying way for yourself and for the others. This is so often underestimated;
  • In the case of illness or other difficult situations: to acknowledge life events and to deal with major questions in life. A lot goes on in your life and that of your family and friends who are left behind. It’s hard to be there for them when you are so far away.

And of course anytime you feel the need for support, want to figure something out or need reflection.