Why expat coaching?

Where you are also determines who you are. Expats are very much in motion. Expat coaching gives you peace and reflection to take (back) control of who you are or want to be in your new country.

Living in another country with a different language and habits, an unknown environment, ensures that you cannot continue on autopilot. It means by definition that your life and so you too, is no longer the same. Changes offer you challenges, give new energy and awaken you to discover yourself and others! Changes however may also cause anguish, insecurity and restlessness. The first step is to recognize and investigate this.

Expat coaching

Feel at home abroad helps you to look within, to reflect and to discover how to live from within yourself, to work and grow. Precisely when your home is elsewhere and you have no idea how to feel at home again where you are. Or you feel at home somewhere, but move away (again). Our mission is that you as an expat feel heard and supported, live consciously, develop and transform the challenges into a beautiful, meaningful experience.

Our principles

We work from an attitude of wonder and ask real questions. Mirror, confront, inspire, motivate, activate, plan. Using our own techniques and tools. Our basic principles are:

  • Capabilities above inabilities
  • Live your own life rather than letting it “be lived”
  • Growth above security and comfort
  • Positivity above negativity
  • Possibilities above restrictions